Turning the World

This is a very short post, waiting for more beefy stuff coming up next.


There are a lot of BI vendors who, in their proposition, support the idea of business adopting BI tools with no IT involvement.

In my knowledge the first was Tableau but now may others are coming up with the same approach.

These tools are supposed to free the information  workers to do their job, cutting out IT entirely.

This is because IT is slow to act and it is perceived as a rule enforcer, just capable of proposing big and costly programs to address any business need.


Well, I have news for you, information workers, the IT is more than happy let you do all your analysis yourself. All those technical BI people prefer not to deal with all those business users’ requests that, from a technical perspective, are nearly always the same and look just endless different versions of a reduced set of queries, charts or reports.

What IT is not happy about, though, is to let you make mistakes.

The “raw data” advocated by tool vendors  (or the “big data”, which are so often confused with) often house all sorts of pitfalls and traps that may create such a mess for the analysis that, at the end, you will need a professional to clean them in a repetitive and consistent way. On the other hand, the chances that you are going to find your business concepts into raw data or undocumented databases are often so slim that you have to resort to a professional to carry the job over the line.

At that point, maybe, it is worth cooperating with IT, who in turn is more than happy to leave all that little interesting shiny stuff to you.