Simple is Beautiful

Originally Posted on March 8 2011


Let's have a break from the #newBI storyline

We, as IT professionals, are sometimes proud of ourselves for finding some clever and elegant solution to an intricate problem. You know what I’m talking about; the clever code snippet, a fragment of unobvious SQL or a nearly magical regular expression. When you incur in some of these enlightening moments you feel empowered and unstoppable.

 Then, time passes, your solution goes to production, data patterns slowly change and your smart solution fails while the bulldozer like solutions still run unharmed.

At that point you realize that you had better building a bulldozer for everything from the beginning, and life falls back to be as sad and miserable as always.


 you are a true artist, like the ones mentioned here . But there are few artists among us; if you are an artisan, it’s always better sticking to the simpler things.


If you think that I drew inspiration from a real life episode, from something I felt on my skin, well you’re right.