A Good Project

Originally posted on April 5 2011i


As you probably noticed, I have a rather perverse taste for IT failures. One of the most popular posts I wrote is about a BI project failure.

So, when a BI project is not a failure? When a project is a good project?

  •  A project is a good project if the client and the consultant both learned something.
  •  A project is a good project when the customer feels empowered.
  •  A project is a good project when nobody feel diminished because of it.
  •  A project where the customer got exactly what she expected to get, is no more than average.
  •  A project is a good project if something new has been discovered because of it.
  •  If money is spared on what you have discovered, the project is even better.
  •  If money is earned after what you have discovered the project is outstanding.
  •  A project is a good project when someone says “I never watched this business area from this angle”
  •  The wider the angle the most successful the project.

 But most of all:

 A project is a good project when it sparks more and more good projects.

What is a good project, for you? Comments are welcome!



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  • Apr 7 2011, 1:35 PM

    Peter Thomas responded:

    Nice to see a positive piece for a change Augusto :-)


  • Apr 8 2011, 12:42 AM

    Augusto Albeghi responded:

    Thanks Peter but do not worry, the positive mood is not going to last long! :o)