Right and Wrong - follow up

Originally posted July 25 2011

My recent post on Right and Wrong, generated a large number of "me too" comments on Twitter.

My friend Mark Stacey said he was through similar situations and was painful.

Tom Gleeson thought that probably, we have been on the same project without knowing

Russel Cristopher said "Ouch!"

Jaime Fitzgerald said "I like your humor", but it wasn't.

If this kind of experiences are so common and so painful, why the issue hasn't been tackled yet?

My theory is that MBAs are not "organically trained" to think to the company as a giant math model to be constantly refined. A model where using a box of screws more than usual in january gives its effects in november on the cash flow. It is not easy, but, under some circumstances is not impossible. We, as BI consultants, have the primary task to be modelers, because the business is hardly capable.

The true BI killer app for the next years is "know thy business".