What #newBI is not

First published on March 1 2011, 4:28 AM

In a previous post dropped by this definition, #newBI, with little or no explanation of what I mean. As you know, I find useful burning the ships and tell you what the #newBI is not. I will, en passant, make fun of some current commonly agreed upon BI trends.

#newBI is not a new technology. We already have all the technology we need. We do not need a more powerful hardware. We do not need some exoteric algos to do the job. Even the Cloud is not strictly relevant for the point.

#newBI is not about realtime. All the realtime BI hype in the past years has been blown away. There remained some industry specific applications, where realtime is necessary because the business IS in realtime, that have little in common with classical BI.

#newBI is not about megadata. All the major database vendors are focusing on the management of very large databases. This is of interest to few thousands of multinational companies or very large websites. On the other side there are tenth of millions of businesses which can do the job with far less data. BTW, if you’re trying to take a decision rummaging among thousands billions rows, please, explain me what the hell are you looking for. Here we fall in the domain of statistics, it’s not BI and the applications are different and dedicated.

#newBI is not about columnar datastores, data compression, in memory or other exoteric technologies to create a blazing fast databases. They’re a nice addition, but if you can’t afford to wait few tenths of seconds, if you can’t afford the deeper thought that comes while waiting, then you need, once again, a dedicated application.

#newBI is not about cool visualizations. Too often systems are sold because of all the bells and whistles attached. Too many have learned the lesson and some visualization tools, today, look like modern art. The more experienced managers, actually, ask for something clear and pleasant to be seen, but not too freaky.

Next time we’ll see what #newBI, positively, is.

Some good friends of mine like @merv and @CurtMonash would tell that I’m a bit arrogant because I’m telling something that all the other analysts in the world do not agree with. If this is the definition of arrogant, yes I am. Anyway I wouldn’t waste a post to tell something you could find elsewhere. ;o)



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  • Mar 3 2011, 9:16 AM

    jenstirrup (Twitter) responded:

    I like your list so far! I would add the following:

    #newbi is not about a focus on IT departments - maybe have a look at Peter Hinssen's book 'The New Normal'
    #newbi is not wizzy graphics flying across a screen, like the Hans Rosling video.
    #newbi is not where technology rules - it is where it assists and enables
    #newbi is not about neatly packaged data stores; it is about assigning a dignity to creativity as well as logical thinking.What #newBI is not