The New Small: a book from Phil Simon

First Posted on February 20 2011



Phil Simon is a well known author and IT consultant. He recently published his third book “The New Small: How a New Breed of Small Businesses Is Harnessing the Power of Emerging Technologies.

In this book, Phil introduces us to some small businesses which, leveraging the last wave of IT technologies, are significantly more successful than their peers. Those companies, often employing a handful of people, have a reach far beyond their size, assist their customers better and face lower and more manageable technology costs.

Phil, unfolding a clear but rigorous style, explains how Cloud Computing, Software as a Service, Open Source, Mobility and Social Technologies create an impressive mix of opportunities for small business. You know that I’ve always been lukewarm with cloud, saas and OSS, but Simon presents such a deal of evidence in favor that I did some more research and I’m partially changing my mind.

From the point of view of the small business entrepreneur, this book is an eye opener. She can explore from within the modern way of doing business and harness a wealth of practical suggestions to quickly improve it by technology.

From the point of view of the Italian small entrepreneur, it is worth reading twice. If Phil can’t convince you that technology is an enabler for doing better business and not a cost to be minimized, I think nobody can!

This book is also an interesting handbook for consultants who, like me, often work in that space. It reminds us a whole array of technology options to work with but also some business models to help our customers to be more successful.

 This book is definitely a “must read” on the subject. Good Job Phil!

Please meet Phil on his site.