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Originally Posted on 11/11/2009 

When I'm working, I spend quite a large amount of time surfing the web, checking blogs on Twitter and Facebook. I try to connect with people who could be interested in my work, of course. Seen from the outside this activity appear to be a waste of time. My wife once observed me and drew this conclusion. Actually, once, I agreed with her. It was a way to pause in the intervals between tasks. I theorize that people have a fixed efficiency, and there is a limited amount of time to be spent "in the zone", before giving up to something not requiring the same concentration level. Working in this way, I slowly realized that I started finding some small nuggets here and there. It might be photos, a news fragment or a blog post, all of them worthy somehow. The Internet is a powerful knowledge aggregator and exploring the topic suggested by the accidental finding is often very very easy.
So I learnt of things I didn't know about, like truffles restaurants in New York or Win 7 vulnerabilities. This is called Serendipity, but this term often refers to science discoveries. My serendipity is small an intimate, and makes me a little better, one bit a time. If you feel like yelling at me because I do not talk about Spreadsheet Automation and BI, please do not do it here

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Take your Serendipity where you find it. I used to find mine in card catalogs back when libraries still had them. Now, I try to look in the stacks in classifications that I haven't seen in a while. I'm almost up for a dive on the topic of grammar as style. 

I get the same response from family and friends when I spend my whole day online tweeting, reading, commenting. I began tweeting to drive traffic to my blog, but now I'm not blogging. Dah!

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