What is your Business Intelligence Christmas Gift?

This was a rather unoriginal post but, if you look at the comments below, you'll find some of the best names of the Business Intelligence world who were so kind to comment on my blog. This is one of the things I'm most proud of. Thank you ladies and gentlemen! If you want to add comments o make wishes for the next year on the new blog, you are welcome!

What would you find under the Christmas Tree for your Business Intelligence? 

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# 1

Useful metadata preferably based on Semantic Web technology. Make the data smarter do the applications can be dumber.

From  Neil Raden  (submitted  12/10/2008 @ 19:21:27)

# 2

A magic wand that would bring an understanding and appreciation for the value and possibilities of data. I think executives get it on a conceptual level, but when it comes to supporting it - both financially and culturally - they still struggle.

From  Terri Ryander  (submitted  12/11/2008 @ 05:23:41)

# 3

I do agree with Terry. I'd like more understanding customers...

From  sevenoaks  (submitted  12/11/2008 @ 14:10:02)

# 4

Personally, the best would be easy and free access to all the analyst reports covering my industry (anti-money laundering and associated issues). Next would be a high-quality forum for all the people in financial institutions using these products. 

From  David Nordell  (submitted  12/11/2008 @ 15:57:29)

# 5

A change in focus from increasing the top line to using BI for increasing operational efficiency without layoffs.

From  Joseph A di Paolantonio  (submitted  12/11/2008 @ 18:04:49)

# 6

Joseph is fundamentally right. It's how to become better because of the meltdown, not to limit damage.

From  Stray Cat  (submitted  12/11/2008 @ 19:08:30)

# 7

I like the comments about understanding and appreciation for the value and possibilities of data. BI vendors have mostly focused on building the infrastructure and interfaces to get answers. People usually don't even know what the questions should be! 

One of our predictions for '09 is that "data interpretation will become a significant challenge for new BI users."

Join the discussion on the future of BI here:

What's in Store for BI in '09

From  Darren Cunningham  (submitted  12/11/2008 @ 21:33:38)

# 8

Make mine a stack of customers and tool vendors with slick presos all get stuck in Cleveland until June

From  Ian Kelly  (submitted  12/11/2008 @ 21:48:03)

# 9

Great topic! Can I have a wish instead? That all the valuable information that's currently being wasted in today's organizations suddenly turned into piles of burning dollar bills on top of every information worker's desk. By the time the sprinkers stopped, people would be much more serious about their information strategy...

From  Timo Elliott  (submitted  12/11/2008 @ 22:11:21)

# 10

Continued (and higher) funding for BI projects! Companies need better decision-making environments more than ever!

From  Claudia Imhoff  (submitted  12/15/2008 @ 20:42:19)