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Originally Published on January 21 2011

 I feel a sense of warmth in discovering that I'm not alone. This article  by George Shen gives a good overview of what I call #newBI and others call Business Analytics. I agree with George for the most part and, what's more important, we both aren't analytics zealots. #newBI or analytics, call them as you like, they're only the natural evolution of BI to cope with the increasing demand of analytic power. Have a look at my previous article to learn more.




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  • Jan 21 2011, 3:46 PM

    Ellie K responded:

    I saw the article yesterday. In Information whatsit. This was my favorite part, and so very true and insightful. I have been waiting for someone to write this. Because it is 100% consistent with my empirical observations of data consistency and the malaise afflicting Data Warehousing, as well as the shortcomings of Business Intelligence "in the wild", "in the field" etc:
    The vision of BI always includes analytics, and BA is merely a subset of BI focused on analytical parts of business intelligence. Because the traditional BI architecture doesn't lend itself to advanced analytics capabilities, such as statistical modeling and data mining, it's not surprising business users collect data and reports from BI systems and then use their own analytics in spreadsheets they control. This approach is not a viable solution however, because uncontrollable processes and questionable data will seriously hamper a BA effort. Research studies estimate that roughly 94 percent of spreadsheets deployed in the field contain errors, and 5.2 percent of cells in unaudited spreadsheets contain errors.

    The last sentence is the best of all.

  • Jan 23 2011, 5:33 PM

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