My name is Augusto Aldeghi.
I am Italian but I live and work in London

I have been in Business Intelligence and Datawarehousing since 1996, when the term was not even popular yet. Actually my entire career, with few pauses, has been in BI. Why? There are many practical reasons to choose to work in BI, prestige, exposition, slightly higher pay and more relevance than the rest of IT business but, at the very heart there is only one:

BI is fascinating.

It is difficult for me to rationalize this feeling, but I love creating business models, discussing with CEOs and receptionists, teaching and learning from people. I never stopped learning while working in BI, and I am sure I will never do.

So, at some point few years ago, I decided that, maybe, someone could be interested in what I knew and I started a blog. I hope you will be interested too.

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